The best tour guide in Europe

Anna Rita Barbacci

Anna Rita Barbacci is a woman who has gained popularity in France and Italy. Anna Rita Barbacci has been working as the station manager in the Fiumicino city in the best international airport. Anna Rita Barbacci has been working hard and has tried all her best to be competitive and dominate Europe development. She works together with her husband who is known as Guglielmo Vallecoccia who is a very hard working man and has helped her in realizing progress as far as working as the station manager in the international airport is concerned.

Guglielmo Vallecoccia
With the help of her husband, she was able to formulate a special unit which would offer various important services in the airport and the service provider had been integrated with the Best of Europe inc. in the year 2003. She has shown willingness in trying to make the visitors enjoy their stay once they visit France and Italy. The Best of Europe service provider aims at giving the visitors coming to France and Europe the best experience ever by ensuring that their arrivals and the moments they have at the airport are successful and that every activity runs out quite smoothly.
The unbounded calls were the first and foremost services and this service ensured that the travel agency had gained a considerably large scale of popularity from the incoming visitors. Anna Rita Barbacci has shown great efforts in trying to ensure that all the activities at the Best of Europe services run as expected. One of the things that have made this woman to be successful in her job is that she is very familiar with the cities of France and Italy and she can, therefore, be in a position to identify important strategies that will help her cater for the incoming visitors appropriately. The service which was founded by Anna Rita Barbacci was intended to help all the guests who were visiting Europe. The guests were able to enjoy free calls to their homes for as long as they wished. They were given a special phone which used contract activation prior their departure.

Anna Rita Barbacci
This service was available to all the clients. Anna Rita Barbacci has enough experience in the tour guide industry and has had the chance to interact with a lot of people during the years she has been working. Due to her positive energy and capabilities, she has proven to be efficient in the hotels, airports, and cruise ships. Her knowledge of the city gives her the chance to use all routes since she knows almost all the shortcuts she could use to penetrate to any region at a given particular time. She has a hospitable attitude and she, therefore, treats the clients well. Her English is perfect hence making her communication skills a great deal while dealing with the visitors during the tour guide. She will give you a whole narration of your journey such that you will not forget everything that she is going to tell you.


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